Experience a better way to manage your business with the
PNB Corporate Multi Mastercard
Corporate Multi Card
Simple. Efficient. Cost-saving. The PNB Corporate Multi Mastercard offers a convenient
solution that has the following benefits:
Simplify payment processes and improve cash flow
The PNB Corporate Multi Mastercard lets you do away with having to issue several checks to pay your suppliers. Use the card to shorten your disbursement activities and enjoy up to 51 days interest-free credit to settle card dues.
Manage your company spending criteria
With the PNB Corporate Multi Mastercard, you can designate individual spending authority and set limits for transaction amounts, merchant categories, and spending frequency. This way, it is ensured that your corporate cards are used for purposes that are consistent with your company policies.
Gain more information and control over transactions
The PNB Corporate Multi Mastercard offers reports that will provide you with a clear picture of spending patterns, volume, and frequency – information that can be used to identify cost-saving opportunities. These reports help validate employee expense and analyze spending on various levels.
Experience greater convenience for you and your employees
No need to issue cash advances for your employees’ travel expenses. Your cardholders can attend to your corporate requirements with ease without having to sacrifice personal funds and juggle corporate spending with personal. Plus, expenses made using the card can earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.
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