Pay your Meralco bill with ease!

Pay your Meralco bill with ease!


Q: How to enroll my MERALCO Account in PNB Credit Card ABF Facility?
A: You can enroll thru any PNB Branches nationwide. You can also secure ABF application form in our website ( or

Q: Who are the qualified enrollees?
A: PNB Principal Cardholders with good credit standing.

Q: What are the requirements needed upon enrollment?
A: Accomplished Enrollment Form, latest MERALCO Billing Statement, and Valid ID (with signature).

Q: Can I use my Corporate Card?
A: No, only individually issued PNB Credit Cards can be enrolled.

Q: How long is the processing period of my application?
A: The processing period is 7 Banking days. Your ABF will take effect on the next Meralco billing.

Q: How would I know if my enrollment is approved?
A: Confirmation of your enrollment will reflect on your next utility bill, with the message - “BILL UNDER AUTOMATIC DEBIT-PNB VISA/MC/CUP OR PNB CREDIT CARD”

Q: How do I cancel my ABF enrollment?
A: Yes, at any time and for any reason within 7 banking days. Submission of a signed letter of request and a copy of your valid I.D. are required to facilitate the request.

Q: What if my Credit Card was lost/upgraded/stolen/replaced?
A: Your enrollment will automatically be cancelled upon blocking of the old card. The Meralco accounts must be re-enrolled after the replacement card has been received and activated by submission of new documents.

Q: Can I enroll more than one MERALCO account?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we do partial payments?
A: No. The reflected amount on your Meralco bill will be the same amount charged to your credit card account.

Q: Will my Meralco ABF transactions earn bonus points?
A: No.

Q: Can I enroll my Meralco business/office bills?
A: No, only residential/individual Meralco bills can be enrolled under the ABF Facility.

Q: For cases of insufficient credit limit due to uncleared payments or insufficient limit, can clients pay directly in Meralco?
A: Meralco shall inform the cardholder and advise him/her to pay directly to Meralco or any Meralco accredited payment partner.

Download ABF Enrollment Form here.

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